Immersive meals are not limited to just the human species as we found out on a recent trip to Tanzania and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Lions and lion cubs definitely jump in with all four paws when presented with a good meal.

While we were on a photo safari to Tanzania, our first stop with Thomson Safaris, was at their camp on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.

We set off before dawn for the crater floor and arrived just as daylight was making its presence known.

We stumbled onto our first photo opportunity of a lion kill. A large pride of lions finishing up their meal. There were about 6 cubs and same number of lionesses.

The pride was being harassed by hyenas and jackals. They finally conceded their meal to the dogs as they were satiated and had very full bellies.

Look at that gorey, muddy tummy

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They all ambled over to the road and flopped down right next to our land rover! This was when we saw up close that lion cubs definitely have an immersive experience when eating at a kill.

Their faces, paws and bellies were covered in blood and gore. Having had such a successful meal, they were now thirsty, and the road had some good rain puddles to provide them a drink.

They were so full they just rolled over right in the road. The lionesses had a big cleanup job ahead of them!

Mum loves you no matter what

One lioness was being a good mum, and giving her cub a good cleaning. I am not sure how much she was able to clean up, since the cub was lying in the middle of a mud puddle!

The pride continued to laze in the road for a while, so we spent some time with them. I love the cub sitting between its moms paws

You can see more of my Tanzania photos in my portfolio

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